Remit allows you to transfer money faster and cheaper than a traditional bank, using only your mobile phone (or computer). You can get started in just a few minutes. Here’s how to join Remit:

1. Create Your Remit Account. You can register free on our website ( or download our Remit MOBILE APP on your smartphone or computer. The validation & verification process is quick and convenient, and there is no charge to create your Remit online account.

2. It’s Easy to Make Your First Transfer. Tell us how much you want to transfer, where you want the money to go, and the name of the recipient. The recipient can be an individual, an organization, a company, or a bank. You can also create a list of recipients and arrange to send money to one or more, on a regular basis.

3. Pay for Your Transaction. You tell us how much money you want to transfer and based on the information you provide we’ll tell you the fees and exchange rate. You’ll be pleased to know that our fees are much lower than most money transfer fees.

4. Your Money Transfers Are Fast AND efficient. You can send money from your mobile phone, wherever you are, to virtually any recipient in the world. Your first transaction can be authorized in a few minutes. You know all fees that will be charged in advance, for each transfer. You can take comfort in knowing that you are saving both time and money, and your FDIC insured Remit account is secure.