Remit is a free mobile payment application that allows you to store and transfer funds using your smartphone or laptop. Remit is fast, affordable, and easy to use. You can transfer funds to and from more than 100 countries, in more than 50 currencies.

Remit transfers are faster and our fees are lower – avoiding hidden fees and charges that can reduce the value of cross-border money transfers and payments.

Remit transfers are faster and more efficient - thanks to our use of advanced technologies. Our Remit platform incorporates cryptocurrencies, blockchain recordkeeping, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to save time and money.

You don’t need to have a bank account to send or receive funds using Remit. Your funds are stored in your online Remit account, in US dollars, and your account is FDIC insured. You can send funds to family, friends and merchants in regions of the world where banking services are limited.

With a Remit account, you can store cash in your USD account to stabilize the value of your funds, and transfer funds as needed, virtually anywhere in the world. You can also use Remit to transfer funds to and from traditional bank accounts, credit cards, and other mobile payment accounts.

Remit offers a safe and secure way to avoid dangers posed by the Pandemic. Thanks to the Remit Mobile App you can use your smartphone to transfer cash and make payments electronically, and avoid physically handling cash or credit cards.

Your Remit account is safe and secure. Your online Remit account is a US dollar account, insured by the FDIC. When using cryptocurrencies to expedite transfers we use stablecoin which is a collateralized form of crypto. We are committed to maintaining a safe, secure and trusted financial service network.

If you have specific questions about Remit, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab on our website. We want to make your mobile payments as affordable, fast and convenient as possible.